2022 – the year of record-high demand for shipping containers.

The Global Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a stir in the shipping industry. With a high demand that is ever-increasing, there has been a shortage of shipping containers across the world. Container availability is limited with many countries experiencing nationwide lockdowns and a shortage of staff. This has created a ripple effect that has transcended down the line, disrupting global trade and the lives of many. With many shipping containers being stuck on ships & at ports and unable to move, the economy has been taking a huge hit. 

The boxes that once were boring now have additional uses

Yip, containers aren’t only being used for shipping and more people are demanding that the shipping container be available to use for their space or new business idea.

Throughout the pandemic, more people have been reflecting on the wants and needs of their lives and have been thinking of ways to downsize and move to a more “off-grid” style of living. The shipping container has proven to be the new craze across the world recently, with many creative people bringing beautiful and efficient, smaller spaces to life. Quirky container style cafes, food trucks, air bnbs, and even temporary housing to name a few – the shipping container is now more than just a form of cargo. 

Why is there a shortage of shipping containers?

Through the global pandemic, people have been forced to spend a considerable amount of time at home. With a lot of us now working from home, this has meant that were reliant on the internet now, more than ever. It’s no surprise that we’re spending more time online shopping. People are buying more goods online than they ever have before. In fact, global e-commerce sales are expected to hit $5.5 trillion in 2022. (Barber, 2022).  

This increasing demand for online goods is inevitably creating supply chain issues around the globe. This sudden boost of spending, paired with re-current lockdowns has created a ‘stop, go’ effect, leading to a shortage of containers. This means the cost of shipping containers is also surging. This is being named  ‘the global shipping crisis’ and is it going to come to an end? 

Will this container crisis come to an end?

Prices are rising around the world, and if you want to buy goods from overseas, you may have to wait a few months to receive them. It’s a cycle with a cascading effect that just seems to continue. Major backlogs have meant that containers are stuck at port for longer than they’re meant to – but, we do have hope that things will eventually begin to go back to normal, as the pandemic comes to an end and our cities open up to the world again.

For now, the shipping industry remains at a halt in many places of the world – but not to worry, we’ve still got lots of container options available for you to purchase or rent here at Container Co. For more information, feel free to call ContainerCo at 1300 570 891. You can also get an obligation free quote via this page.