Discover Our Range of Dry Containers for Sale or Hire

When running your business, reputation is everything. You want nothing more than the best quality products so your clients can get the best value out of your service. Just like you, Containerco has a reputation for supplying some of the most competitively priced shipping containers in Australia.

The ideal solution for many different sectors of the transport industry, the dry containers we have for sale are perfect for long haul transports as well as local deliveries. Here in Australia, the weather and humidity can be temperamental. Avoid worrying about damages to your materials when you store them all in one of our dry containers. When you need a reliable containment option to move products from one place to another, get in touch with the team at Containerco.

Why Choose Dry Containers?

Reduce the risk of loss to your business with our dry containers. If you have products that are susceptible to change in weather conditions, humidity, or are located in an area where floods may occur, your products may not be safe. Subtle changes to the air can mean a quality or damaged product and it is not always obvious to the eye. By the time it is discovered, it may be too late. Keep your products safe in a dry container for complete peace of mind.

When you’re choosing dry containers, it’s important that they’re constructed from the best quality materials. Your business depends on your cargo arriving at its destination safely and undamaged, which is why the dry containers Containerco has for sale have been carefully inspected to ensure the floors, walls, and doors are sound. For containers that might be subject to poor weather or water, it’s vital that your products stay dry. In our containers, you can rest assured that we’ve done all the necessary checks long before your cargo is loaded.

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There’s a reason why shipping companies from all across Australia source their dry containers from Containerco. The range we have for sale is comprised of high-quality products that have been manufactured using only the best materials. This is to ensure that your cargo arrives safely and unspoiled at your destination. With a range of sizes available, including a 20ft version and the 40ft dry containers, you will discover that we offer some of the most competitive prices for sale and hire of dry containers.

Containerco is a family owned and operated business that is proud to provide Australian businesses with the best range of shipping containers. If you have any questions about the sale or hire process, get in touch by calling 1300 570 891 or request a quick quote.