Shipping Containers For Sale or Hire Melbourne

We offer both new and used shipping containers for hire or sale anywhere in Melbourne, we’re sure to have a budget-friendly option in our range. We carry all the common shipping container sizes including; 8ft, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and some high cube containers. We offer our containers for hire as well as to buy, meaning your temporary or permanent requirements can easily be met.

Talk to our team about your shipping or storage needs and we’ll recommend the best size, condition and price of container for you. If you plan to use a second-hand container for shipping, we’ll ensure that it is cargo worthy and structurally sound.

Buy or hire shipping containers for more storage space

Our shipping containers are ideal for use as a self-storage facility. With heavy duty plywood floors, lockable doors and guaranteed to be weatherproof; nothing will get in or damage your precious goods. We even have a wide range of colours to blend in with any setting. You can buy our containers for permanent storage or hire them as a temporary fix. Our commitment is to our customers and providing them with affordable solutions and great service.

Fast delivery of Shipping Containers to Melbourne

If you are looking to buy some shipping containers for your business or personal needs, Containerco has a full range of them available for sale. No matter what size or function you’re looking for, we can help you source and transport them to your Melbourne location of choice, all within your budget!

We’re a local Australian business, based in NSW, and we deliver our shipping containers nationwide – from Melbourne to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Perth and beyond. We have connections throughout the country to provide our customers with the best quality, lowest priced shipping containers. For more information on our estimated transit times either to or from Melbourne, give us a call.

Call us today

Store your goods and items safely and securely with one of our durable containers today. Just in touch with one of our friendly consultants to begin a discussion about what kind of container will suit you or your business best. Whether you are looking for a more permanent solution, or are simply looking to hire for a short duration, we are here to help.

Containerco have the best range of shipping containers for sale to suit any shipping or storage needs. Call us on 1300 570 891 or use our quote form for a free quote.