40 Foot Double Door Container For Sale or Hire

If you’re looking for a versatile shipping container, you can’t go past a double door shipping container. Also known as ‘tunnel’ containers in the industry, double door shipping containers are used for various purposes by many different businesses across Australia. An easily adaptable product, the 40ft option is the container of choice for companies that haul large quantities of products between locations, or businesses that require alternative storage or working spaces. Interested in learning how the 40ft double container can work for you? Have a chat with one of our experienced team members today and we’ll advise you on which container will suit you best.

The Benefits of 40ft Double Door Containers

The double door containers we stock have been designed with convenience at the forefront. Having a door located on either side of the container allows the people loading and unloading it to have direct access to both sides, meaning that they can grab stock quickly and without needing to shift other stock out of the way. In a container as large as the 40ft option, this type of access is essential for swift turnaround times.

The 40ft double door container is perfect for other uses, such as office and living spaces. Because you’re able to access the unit from multiple locations they can be incorporated into other structures or subdivided with partitions to create multiple spaces within the large container.

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