Maximum Storage, Minimum Price with a 40ft Shipping Container

From moving overseas to shipping goods internationally, there are many reasons you might choose to transport items by air, rail or sea. But what is the most secure, cost-effective way to get your items from point A to B? With a 40ft shipping container you have plenty of space to fill and our highly competitive prices will ensure you don’t break your budget. As the most common size for international shipping, a 40ft container will stack easily and prevent your items from moving in transit. Our shipping containers are guaranteed to be waterproof and vermin proof. Whether you’re using them to transport goods overseas or as a self-storage unit; we know they’ll keep all your items safe.

Buy new or used 40ft containers

Shipping containers aren’t just for shipping. They’re also a clever way to increase your storage space without paying monthly fees to a storage business. You can house them on your property either permanently or temporarily, with 40ft containers available to buy or hire from our range. We have both new and used 40ft containers to choose from, which means there’s a price point to suit every budget. We understand that you don’t want to buy more storage space than you truly need, which is why our container range includes both small or large containers – from 8ft to 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. We’re happy to talk you through your storage needs and help you choose the perfect container to suit them.

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40FT Shipping Containers