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From moving overseas to shipping goods internationally, there are many reasons you might choose to transport items by air, rail or sea. But what is the most secure, cost-effective way to get your items from point A to B? With a 40ft shipping container you have plenty of space to fill and our highly competitive prices will ensure you don’t break your budget. As the most common size for international shipping, a 40ft container will stack easily and prevent your items from moving in transit. Our shipping containers are guaranteed to be waterproof and vermin proof. Whether you’re using them to transport goods overseas or as a self-storage unit; we know they’ll keep all your items safe.

Shipping containers are a common sight at busy ports, but they are a lot more versatile than most people think. While many businesses choose them as part of their supply chain to move goods from the warehouse to their clients efficiently and safely, they can also be used for various personal reasons. When your possessions have outgrown your own home, it is possible to still make room with the help of a shipping container. A large 40ft model can be used to store anything from furniture, to vehicles, and even farm equipment. There are no limits as to what you can put in there. If you value your items, need them out of the house, but still want them in good condition, away from the elements, definitely consider using one of our large shipping containers.

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Shipping containers aren’t just for shipping. They’re also a clever way to increase your storage space without paying monthly fees to a storage business. You can house them on your property either permanently or temporarily, with 40ft containers available to buy or hire from our range. We have both new and used 40ft containers to choose from, which means there’s a price point to suit every budget. We understand that you don’t want to buy more storage space than you truly need, which is why our container range includes both small or large containers – from 8ft to 10ft, 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. We’re happy to talk you through your storage needs and help you choose the perfect container to suit them.


Tare Weight: 3,660kg (or 3,890kg for high cubes)
External length: 12.19m
External width: 2.44m
External height: 2.59m (or 2.90m for high cubes)
Internal length: 12.03m
Internal width: 2.35m
Internal height: 2.39m (or 2.650m for high cubes)
Capacity: 67.5m3
Payload: 26 300kg (approx.)
Laden weight: 30 500kg


  • High-quality steel construction with corrugated walls.
  • Heavy duty marine flooring.
  • Doors that open the whole 270 degrees.
  • Multiple lashing points for securing cargo.
  • Forklift pockets for easy transportation.
For shipping, the maximum allowed weight of a loaded 40ft container is capped at around 30,000kg – similar to that of a 20ft shipping container. This cap, however, does not apply to containers meant to be used for storage only.

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