How Much Is Shipping Container Hire?

Container hire services offer choices of the size and type of container you need with any extra services at an additional cost. Therefore the final payment for storage container hire varies significantly. For instance, hiring a custom-designed new container will cost you much more than a bare-bones refurbished model. Some aspects to keep in view:

The specifications that determine the cost of your container hire include:

  • Container Size– Size matters when picking a container on hire. The larger the container’s size, the more you’ll pay in rental fees, customization and shipping.
  • Hire period- The amount of time you end up hiring a container for, can impact your price tag. Renting for a longer period of time is usually more cost-effective than hiringthe containerfor just a few weeks/days.
  • Modifications– The larger the number of options you add, such as shelving, security features, and other extras, the more the cost of the unit. If you need customisation, or special features be sure to factor those costs in.
  • Container condition (in the case of refurbished containers)

Keep in mind the additional costs such as moving costs. New containers are in very good condition and naturally expensive to rent or lease. If you want a custom built unit, enquire about pricing and other costs before hiring it.

Cost-Effective Used Shipping Containers

If you want a cheaper alternative for your limited needs, refurbished or used containers can be your choice. They are cheaper because:

  • They are used models bought decommissioned from shipping companies
  • Refurbishment takes care of signs of wear and tear. The can be containers are cleaned and painted to make them presentable
  • They meet your basic needs just like the new ones.

The Best Shipping Containers

Different companies have different container hire rates and it’s important that you discuss your requirements with the company first. We can provide the best solutions based on your shipping container requirements and budget.

Regardless of what your shipping container requirement is, you need the assurance that the container/s you hire are strong and resilient enough to hold all the items that need to be transported or stored. At ContainerCo you can get the best containers on sale or for rent. For more information, feel free to call us at 1300 570 891. You can also get an obligation free quotevia this page.