Robust 40ft High Cube Shipping Containers For Sale or Hire

Our 40ft high cube shipping containers for sale are the highest quality, lowest cost containers you’ll find in Australia. They feature heavy duty plywood floors and come with an additional 30cm of height over a standard 40ft shipping container. Containerco is committed to providing our customers with reliable, affordable shipping and storage solutions. All of our containers are lockable and fully weatherproof. We have both brand new or second hand shipping containers for sale, in a range of colours to suit your style.

Why choose a high cube shipping container?

There are many benefits to choosing a high cube shipping container over a standard sized one. First, they’re the most commonly used containers for international shipping. When you have to stack your cargo on a ship with many other containers, you’ll want to know that it’s going to fit neatly. By choosing the common container size you can be sure it will be stackable and secure for the long journey. They’re also frequently used during domestic transport, and for similar reasons, it’s good to have a container that will be neatly packed and keep your delivery secure during transit.

Second, some people choose to use shipping containers for permanent premises; like home or commercial storage, garden sheds or even a café. With a 40ft high cube shipping container, you’ll have plenty of space for storage, to add modifications such as windows to your shed, or to run a cost-effective business. The extra height means it’s highly comfortable to spend time in; whether it’s for 10 minutes while you pick up a tool or all day working in your container café.

Enquire about our shipping containers

Containerco have a huge range of containers for sale; from our 40ft high cube shipping containers to our 8ft, 10ft and 20ft storage containers. If you’d like more information or a free quote on our shipping containers for sale – call us on 1300 570 891 or use our quote form.