Shipping containers come in various shapes and colours and when you see them at a port they look exactly like Lego bricks, stacked neatly one on top of the other. These containers are available in a variety of types, dimensions and capacities to suit different purposes. The right advice in selecting your container is crucial.

We at ContainerCo have a number of varieties of shipping containers to choose from. Here is some more information about the types of containers:

Different Types of Shipping Containers

The goods that are transported will decide which container would work best for you. For example, if you are transporting or storing perishable goods, you’ll need a refrigerated container. On the other hand, if you’re transporting or storing general goods, a dry container would suit your needs.

Flat-rack containers have sides that can be collapsed to load, unload and hold heavy equipment, building supplies etc. In short, each container has specific characteristics and is used for transportation or storage of specific goods.

Standard Sizes That Shipping Containers Are Available In

Shipping container dimensions are standardized throughout the world in order to ensure that containers from various countries and regions can be efficiently transported and stacked. Typically, the containers that are used in Australia fit into these standard sizes and their size will always referred to in feet and not in centimetres or metres. The most common sizes you will find include:

With reference to size, you will notice that only the container length is mentioned. This is because there are two standard container heights (8ft 6in) with width (8ft) and height (9ft 6in) with width (8ft) will be identical for all the containers except the smallest ones. The smallest containers which are 8-feet in length are 7ft 6in high and 7ft wide.

Hire Or Buy The Best Shipping Containers

As you can see, there are many different types & sizes of containers. At ContainerCoyou can get the best containers on sale or on rent. With a wide range of new & used shipping containers, you are sure to find the one/s you need.

We can organise relocation or delivery of your containers whether it’s to any property, worksite or the other side of Australia.For more information, feel free to call ContainerCo at 1300 570 891. You can also get an obligation free quotevia this page.