creative uses of containers

It’s not really ‘news’ that shipping containers have gone beyond their original function. Of course, they’re still ideal for the transportation of cargo, but their creative and innovative possibilities seem infinite today. Instead of thinking ‘outside the box,’ many are thinking within them. These sturdy and powerful structures can be utilized and reprocessed into some eco and user-friendly spaces. Want to move belongings from one home to another? Shipping containers are your answer. Want to create your cost-effective and unique home? Shipping containers can also be the answer. Upcycling these steel boxes into new architectures is becoming hugely accepted and popular. Here are some examples of alternative uses for containers:


· Luxury container homes

· Apartment-style blocks

· Container cabins

· Granny flats

· Hotels

· Housing shelters

· Vacation homes

· Student housing facilities


· Cafes

· Restaurants

· Food trucks

· Theatres and Bistros