It’s no secret that shipping containers are now becoming a hot commodity. Everyone wants one, but it’s no wonder – they’re a versatile space that can be transformed in a variety of ways. Shipping containers are also durable, can be weatherproofed and are easy to transport. The modifications that you can make to your shipping container have the power to completely transform the space. From a home storage unit to office space,  to a retail store or a pop-up cafe. Whatever your desired outcome, here are ways to personalise or modify your shipping container.

First, you need to purchase your desired shipping container 

We have a variety of storage containers for sale at Container Co. With 20ft and 40ft dry container options, double door containers and used shipping containers for sale. No matter your budget, we will find the right option for you. 

Think about what your end goal is.

For some, they may be modifying their shipping container for extra security, for others they may want to make their container more stylish. Whatever it may be, think about the steps involved to reach your desired outcome. Making a clear and structured plan will give you the direction to make it happen. 

Basic modifications that can make a big difference 

Adding a new roof 

Just look at how this roof has changed this from a shipping container to a quaint country-style cottage. This is a fantastic business idea for those of you who are thinking about starting up a Bed and Breakfast or Air BnB. Add some Installation, and some comfortable flooring and you’re good to go!

Changing the doors or adding windows

Whatever the purpose of the container may be, you can improve your container by changing the doors or adding windows. Check out how these sliding doors have enhanced this container. This would be the perfect onsite office.  

Check out how these sliding doors and deck combinations have helped to create this chic tiny home! 

There are various types of doors that you could add, including: 

  • Sliding doors
  • Roll-up doors
  • Country style doors
  • Traditional wooden doors
  • Aluminium entrance doors

Door options at ContainercoDoor options at Containerco

For ease of access, Containerco has a range of roller door or personal access door options. The same goes for windows. Windows can be installed in our standard sizing or to your specification. Consider wooden or steel framing, or install some shutters.

Add some insulation 

Insulation will help to turn your container into a much more liveable and comfortable space. Many people have been using containers as tiny homes, sleep-outs, offices and even as temporary housing. The installation will ensure your container keeps toasty warm.

Add a security system or lockbox

Adding a security locking system or lockbox will ensure that you keep all of your valuable items in your container safe. This will ensure that your transformed space is kept as safe as can be.


Do you need lighting or power in your container? Electrical fit-outs can be installed to your specifications.

Extra personalisations to consider

  • Paint your container with a matte or shiny finish
  • Use bright colours to stand out
  • Opt for dark colours to keep it sophisticated
  • Add a deck and stain it to maximise your space
  • Join containers together to create a much bigger space
  • Protect against heat and moisture with

Choose your container from Containerco 

If you’re looking for a container to eventually modify, get in touch with us. With various sizes and budget-friendly options available, we’re the go-to team who can make it happen. 

We offer a range of different standard and custom container modifications, get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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