Are you looking for a portable outdoor pool? We’ve got the solution for you: the shipping container, your outdoor summer swimming solution.

Why choose a shipping container pool?

Across the world, people are using shipping containers for various purposes – one of the newest crazes is the shipping container pool. At only half the cost of a traditional swimming pool, a shipping container pool is an excellent alternative if you want to keep more money in your wallet.

Shipping containers are made from durable steel materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, and now they’re being used in many backyards for those summertime swims!

Available in various sizes, shipping containers can be used as pools both in-ground and above ground. For a complete operating pool, remove the roof and install your shipping container as you would install a traditional pool. From there, you can completely customise your pool as you’d like. The shipping container pool is a quirky alternative to a conventional pool, and the rectangular shape and length of these pools make them ideal for swimming laps! 

Give a second-hand container a new lease on life!

ContainerCo has a fantastic selection of used shipping containers for sale. What better way to recycle than giving a used container a second lease on life as a backyard swimming pool. This option is good for the environment and your wallet – it’s a win-win! Shipping container pools are sturdy and likely last for 20 years as your backyard swimming pool.  

You can take the pool with you if you move house

Are you planning on moving sometime but don’t want to leave your pool behind?  Take your shipping container pool with you to your new abode! This is a fantastic pro of the shipping container pool – you won’t get this mobility with a traditional inground pool. This makes the shipping container pool an excellent option for families who don’t want to leave their pool behind or invest in a brand-new one. 

It will require effort

Sadly, it’s just not as easy as sticking a shipping container in the ground (we wish it were that easy). 

The pool will need to be sealed and waterproofed with a vinyl lining to ensure it doesn’t leak or rust. There are also anti-rust solutions that you can use. You will need to install a filter and add any additional bells and whistles like stairs, heating and lights if you wish. Creating your shipping container pool to your exact vision and specifications will require effort. The shipping container pool isn’t an option with salt water and will only work with chlorine. 

There are many safety requirements around pools 

You will need to make sure that you follow the necessary steps to meet quality and safety requirements. This means testing will need to be recorded and shown to the council to ensure the pool is fit for purpose and safe for use. 

Safety features that you can add to protect your guests and family members are: 

  • Stainless steel railing around the pool to hold onto.
  • Stairs with grip to prevent slipping.
  • A fence surrounds the pool to protect children or animals from running unsupervised.

We don’t build pools

Yip, I’m afraid this is something you’ll have to tackle on your own. But, if you have the vision and the drive and are handy with the tools, nothing stops you from using one of our containers to make your container pool dreams come true. 

Is the shipping container pool right for you? 

If you’re looking for a DIY pool project and have some time on your hands, a shipping container pool will be an excellent option! The shipping container aesthetic is much different from a traditional pool and only comes in one rectangular shape – so if you enjoy the vibe, shape and style of a shipping container, then it may also be right for you. If the cost of a traditional pool is an issue, giving a used shipping container a new lease on life is an excellent way to recycle materials and save money on costs.

If you’re interested in building your shipping container pool and are looking for a container to suit you, please contact us. 

For more information, feel free to call ContainerCo at 1300 570 891. You can also get an obligation-free via this page.